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How a UX UI Bootcamp Can Boost Your Career

ui ux ux ui Mar 30, 2022


How much do you know about a career as a UX or UI designer? You may know that the median wage was $77,000, and that user design is one of the fastest-growing industries.

And you don’t need extensive experience to break into this industry. By completing a UX UI bootcamp, you will gain a set of necessary skills that can boost your career.

Still not convinced? Below we explain just a few ways that a UX UI bootcamp can make you a more competitive candidate.

Networking and Community

Taking a UX UI bootcamp will give you the opportunity to meet dozens of people. You can develop close relationships with your peers and your mentor/instructor.

While completing projects and case studies during your bootcamp, you can also get to know industry leaders and business stakeholders.

Networking will benefit you as a student in multiple ways. First, having a social environment will keep you excited to stay up-to-date with your work. Having a community may make you feel more...

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Are UX Designers in Demand Right Now?

How important is user experience? Around 52% of users say aesthetics are the primary reason they avoid returning to a website. As much as 90% stop using an app because of poor performance.

With these statistics, we can say user experience is a crucial element in the success of your online presence. By association, UX designers are integral to businesses, as well.

However, is UX design a good career choice? Keep on reading to learn the current state of demand, the outlook for the future, and UX designer salary.

The Future of UX Design

UX design is one of the most sought-after skills in the whole world across all industries. Regardless of your original career, honing a UX design skill translates to a stable source of income.

After all, this skill will continue to be in high demand in the future. Professionals listed it alongside blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and analytical reasoning as sought-after hard skills.

Do you...

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