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Are UX Designers in Demand Right Now?

How important is user experience? Around 52% of users say aesthetics are the primary reason they avoid returning to a website. As much as 90% stop using an app because of poor performance.

With these statistics, we can say user experience is a crucial element in the success of your online presence. By association, UX designers are integral to businesses, as well.

However, is UX design a good career choice? Keep on reading to learn the current state of demand, the outlook for the future, and UX designer salary.

The Future of UX Design

UX design is one of the most sought-after skills in the whole world across all industries. Regardless of your original career, honing a UX design skill translates to a stable source of income.

After all, this skill will continue to be in high demand in the future. Professionals listed it alongside blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and analytical reasoning as sought-after hard skills.

Do you recognize what all these have in common? These fields are what the tech experts dub as the future of technology.

Companies and businesses are expanding their online capabilities. This move increases the demand for high-quality UX design. They value how it contributes to reaching their goals and increasing revenue.

Focusing on delivering a pleasant user experience is the best way to retain customer support. As such, the corporate world is focusing on growing its UX design teams. Businesses must keep recruiting talented individuals to remain competitive.

UX is increasing in importance as companies aim to create more influence in the digital space. If they fail to secure an advantage with better UX, they risk becoming obsolete. They lose to competitors with the right priorities.

A lot of recent events only helped this career path grow. The shift forced almost all industries to go online. As such, the influx led to an increase in demand and competition for better user experience design.

The competition in this space creates a gap where many roles remain unfulfilled. The demand outweighs the supply, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. New talents join the workforce each year, but it is hard to find good UX designers.

Best Places to Look for Opportunities

CNN lists UX designer as one of the best careers with great pay, substantial growth, and satisfying work. It predicts the demand to grow further by 13% up to 2027.

UX designer jobs may face the threats of cheaper outsourced labor. However, the intense competition keeps the demand high for quality and innovation. Regardless, there are some regions rich in opportunities.

In particular, UX designers are in high demand in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • United States of America
  • China
  • Sweden
  • Japan

If you are looking to get started in this industry, moving to one of these countries is your best bet. They offer the best opportunities and a high UX designer salary. As demand keeps increasing, your options continue to grow.

In some cases, a move to the region will not be necessary. Some firms are willing to adopt a work-from-home environment. They may even be open to hiring experts outside their countries.

Demand in Canada

Canada has experienced a tech boom in recent years. Microsoft is growing its presence, adding more jobs to the country. Amazon is also banking on the Canadian labor force.

Many other major companies are establishing themselves in Canada, creating even more demand. The abundance of opportunities also leads to a shortage of local tech talent.

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Cisco Systems have headquarters in Toronto. Meanwhile, many tech startup companies call Montreal their home. 

The scarcity creates a massive demand as the competition becomes more intense. Many individuals use this chance to move to the country and negotiate a better salary.

How Much Is the UX Designer Salary?

A positive outlook for the future is enough reason to choose this career. However, another compelling argument is the high UX design salary.

The shortage and fierce competition are pushing the numbers upward, but it depends on your experience. A lead UX designer salary can easily reach six digits.

Also, the average UX design salary varies by country. If you choose any of the countries mentioned above, you have the power to negotiate. 

In the United States, the mean salary is around $85,000, going as high as $140,000 per year. Meanwhile, Glassdoor lists $86,000 as the average base pay in Canada. United Kingdom pays its UX designers an average of €40,000 per year.

Countries with flourishing tech hubs often pay more. Still, keep in mind the figures above do not take the cost of living into account.

For example, it might be more lucrative to get a UX designer job in New York. The drawback is the staggering cost of living expenses in this city.

Skills Needed to Be a Good UX Designer

Do you have what it takes to enter the UX design field? You need both technical and soft skills, but it depends on your specialty.

A common misconception is UX design is all about full-stack: everything from user research to UI design. However, it has several roles with different intricacies. As a result, the field developed several branches, like content design and user research.

In general, UX designers must have the following technical skills:

  • Basic coding skills (CSS, HTML, and JavaScript)
  • Photoshop and Illustrator
  • InVision, Omnigraffle, and other design tools

As for soft skills, a good UX designer is also an excellent communicator. You have to work with developers, stakeholders, users, and clients throughout the project. The UX design process also calls for advanced problem-solving skills and a detail-oriented mindset.

Learn How to Become a UX Designer Now

The UX designer salary is more than enough reason to enter or switch to this field. The stability and longevity of UX design as a career choice make it all the more compelling.

Are you interested in starting this career? The good news is you can qualify to be a good UX designer in less than a year. Contact us today and learn more.


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