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How a UX UI Bootcamp Can Boost Your Career

ui ux ux ui Mar 30, 2022


How much do you know about a career as a UX or UI designer? You may know that the median wage was $77,000, and that user design is one of the fastest-growing industries.

And you don’t need extensive experience to break into this industry. By completing a UX UI bootcamp, you will gain a set of necessary skills that can boost your career.

Still not convinced? Below we explain just a few ways that a UX UI bootcamp can make you a more competitive candidate.

Networking and Community

Taking a UX UI bootcamp will give you the opportunity to meet dozens of people. You can develop close relationships with your peers and your mentor/instructor.

While completing projects and case studies during your bootcamp, you can also get to know industry leaders and business stakeholders.

Networking will benefit you as a student in multiple ways. First, having a social environment will keep you excited to stay up-to-date with your work. Having a community may make you feel more encouraged and welcomed.

Second, networking will open doors for later job opportunities. You never know who will end up opening their own business or referring you for a job.  85% of job opportunities are secured via networking - the more people you know in your industry, the better.

Accountable Environment

How many times have you started a project or promised that you would work toward achieving a new goal, only to lose motivation a few weeks later?

It’s common to not follow through on our goals, especially for a new skill set like user design.

It’s difficult and intimidating to try out an unfamiliar profession. But breaking into a new industry becomes much more friendly when you have encouraging peers and an accountable system.

People are 65% more likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Surrounded by a whole group of like-minded peers, you’re already setting yourself up for success. You’ll be much more likely to complete the course and meet your goals.

Not only will you be accountable to yourself, but you’ll also have to pull your weight for the rest of the group. You’ll often be working on collaborative projects, which means that you’ll need to give it you're all.

UX UI bootcamps truly require you to go out of your comfort zone and apply the skills you’ve learned.

Knowledgable Critiques

A necessary skill in UX and UI design is knowing how to empathize with others. Your whole skillset focuses on making a user interface or user experience as seamless as possible.

You’ll need to think about what people want and present your best interoperation of what that looks like. If it’s not what people want, you’ll need to be open to feedback given by teammates, managers, clients, and users.

You’ll also need to know how to provide feedback to others. Good design will involve honest relationships with your other team members.

During your UX UI Design bootcamp, you’ll receive frequent feedback from mentors and industry professionals. You’ll learn how to graciously take critiques and how to provide constructive criticism.

And aside from improving your critiquing skills, constantly communicating and providing feedback will make you a much better interviewer. When it comes time to find UX or UI jobs, you'll be much better at discussing your ideas and experience with hiring managers.

Portfolio Development

A UX UI bootcamp will teach you the skills you need to know to pursue career options in design, and you’ll also gain a portfolio with all of the projects that you have created during the process.

Having a portfolio of your work will give employers insight into what you can do and what your design style looks like. A great portfolio, in many cases, can be even more important than a great resume or cover letter.

74% of businesses say that user experience is vital for boosting sales. If your portfolio demonstrates that you make the user's experience better, you have automatically positioned yourself as a strong candidate.

A great element to have in your portfolio is a case study that lays out your entire process. A final result that looks great is impressive, but companies want to understand how you go about solving problems.

Look to include multiple case studies in your portfolio as well as a few finished products or designs. Providing a granular view will show employers that are strategic and thoughtful.

Hands down, your portfolio is one of the most important aspects of landing a design job, whatever that job may be. A bootcamp will help you build a standout profile. And even if you have some experience with UX or UI, a bootcamp will help you refine that portfolio to show off the most strategic skills.

Collaborative Problem-Solving Skills

Learning technical and design skills is just one aspect of the UX UI bootcamp. You’ll also need to learn how to collaborate effectively with a team to solve problems.

Working as a UX or UI designer, many of your products will look widely different from one another.

In some cases, you’ll take more of an independent approach. But in many cases, you’ll need to work with cross-functional teams to deliver the end result.

A UX UI bootcamp will show you how you integrate your new skills into a collaborative project. You’ll learn how to overcome communication obstacles and become more comfortable being open with your team members about your ideas and suggestions.

The Teccelerator bootcamp will give you experience working with stakeholders product managers, and web development teams. You’ll gain expertise in solving a variety of problems.

Achieving Success: Teccelerator's UX UI Bootcamp

A UX UI Design bootcamp will give you the skills you need to transform your career. Teccelerator’s bootcamp has led our students to launch careers at Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, and Google - to name just a few.

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about our 16-week bootcamp that will help you land your dream job. 


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