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From Design Freelancer to Agency Owner: The Ultimate Guide

Ready to make the switch from being a design freelancer to your own business? Discover common mistakes, how to avoid them, and feel confident with our guide.

Did you know that 92% of freelancers say that it is impossible for them to take work-free vacations? 

Being a freelancer certainly comes with a long list of its own challenges, but it also leaves you feeling part of the 'I'm in control of my own work life' realm. That's not to say that being an agency owner won't give you the exact same work freedom that most freelancers get to enjoy, except maybe that you can take time off when you're on vacation. 

So you think you're ready to make the transition from design freelancer to agency owner? Well, keep reading because you've officially found the ultimate guide!

Signs That You're Ready 

So, you've been a design freelancer for a while now, you've been busy and more than managing to make ends meet. But, at this point, perhaps you're still questioning...

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