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Ageism in Tech: Are You Too Old for a Career in UX

It's no secret tech has an ageism problem. IBM executives have made disparaging statements about their older workers for years. 

The executives called old workers dinobabies and viewed them as a dated maternal workforce. Some older people in tech get discouraged by incidents like these. Ageism in tech discourages seniors from pursuing a tech career or asking for help.

It's common for people in their forties or above to ask if they're too old for a UX career. Despite what IBM executives and others may indicate, age is just a number.

It's possible to break into the UX scene at an older age. We'll show you how it's possible.

Companies Care About Output

Above everything else, companies care about the value you can provide. Executives want to hire people who allow the company to grow. 

Companies like Apple have hired for growth regardless of age. Apple hired a 14-year-old because of his skill set. 

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