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UX UI Courses to Take in 2022

ux ui courses Oct 31, 2021

With the industry expected to grow at a rapid 13% by 2030, the future is bright for web developers and digital designers looking to carve out a career.

There's no shortage of opportunities to advance that career either. UX/UI is becoming even more critical for competitive businesses. As a result, more learning options are emerging for designers to hone their digital skills.

As we near 2022, you may be considering making a UX career change part of your New Year's resolution. We'll show you some of the best UX UI courses in 2022 for getting the skills and knowledge you need to push your professional growth.

Top UX UI Courses for 2022

Before we get into our picks for the top UX UI courses, it's crucial to understand the depth of options out there.

Scores of accredited and non-accredited institutions offer coursework and certifications in UX. If you want to devote the resources to an in-class experience, it can be a fulfilling, in-depth way to get a leg up on the competition. For career-changers, online UX courses offer the convenient education you need to make the transition.

We'll look at some of the best values available in the world of UX UI courses. For UX developers, we'll discuss some of the top conferences around the country for continued learning.

Ironhack Bootcamps

Ironhack bootcamps are perfect for people from all backgrounds looking to get into UX UI design. For current designers, the bootcamp helps refine programming skills and offers the tools to make a lateral career move.

The UX certification course breaks down into four sections. The first 40 hours go over broad UX topics, including design thinking and interactive technologies. Students gain an understanding of user experience in web contexts and web coding basics to take in later modules.

The first two weeks of modules go over UX UI frameworks and design fundamentals. Afterward, students complete a project using UX methodologies to solve a real-world problem.

Modules teach students UI for company branding, interactive prototyping, and responsive website builds. At the end of the course, you'll create a product based on the development practices you learned.

The entire course covers nine weeks for full-time students who can attend nine hours of online classes Monday-Friday. There's also an option for a 24-week part-time schedule, with three hours set aside on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for live classes.

Classes begin January 10 and run into March. The 9-week course costs $12,500 to sign up, and the 24-week part-time option is $13,000.

Career Foundry

Career Foundry's UX Program is halfway between university-level education and self-paced online learning. At $6,900 for ten months of online classes, it's an excellent value for people who want to pursue a UX career.

Career Foundry promotes that value with a job guarantee. If you don't get a job within six months after completing the program, you get a refund.

While it's built for beginners, Career Foundry is for people serious about getting into UX. Learning isn't limited to the platform. Students also gain a personal tutor to test their comprehension and a one-on-one mentor to guide them through the coursework.

There is no final project, but personal tutors need to confirm that students have passed each stage. If you set aside about three hours a day, five days a week, you can expect to complete the course in 10 months.

Designlab UX Academy

Designlab offers another career-preparation course for designers of all skill levels. Expert UX designers can take short 4-week courses to enhance their skills. Meanwhile, newcomers can take the rigorous UX Academy course that takes 15 or more weeks.

Like Career Foundry, Designlab offers a guarantee on its $6,749 UX Academy tuition. If students can't land a job within six months, they get a full refund.

Students learn at their own pace, completing coursework when they find the time. After a 4-week Introduction to Design unit, students enter the core program. At that time, the program assigns mentors to give one-on-one guidance for the rest of the course.

The UX Academy program can take 15 weeks for full-time learners and 28 weeks for part-time. At the end of the course, mentors help you organize your portfolio and begin the job hunt. 


Ironhack's intensive courses are for new designers trying to hit the ground running with a UX certification. By contrast, FutureLearn is similar to Udemy, bringing low-cost coursework to learners on a full-time work schedule. When you're already in the design space, FutureLearn has several courses that can help you enhance your UX and content design skills.

Coursework is self-paced. A low monthly subscription, often less than $100, gets you on-demand access to learning modules.

FutureLearn isn't like most online learning marketplaces. They work with accredited universities to make education opportunities accessible for more people. Coding, UX, app design, and digital marketing are just a few of the many skills that can be brought together or learned separately.

Google UX Design Certificate

Offered through Coursera for $39/month, the Google UX certificate program is ideal for people who are new to UX design. Although there's no interpersonal aspect, the low-cost flexibility is an incredible value for first-timers. And with peer forums, you still gain a community to help you on your career path.

You can learn at your leisure, but if you allot two hours a day Monday-Friday, it takes roughly six months to complete the entire course. Students cover a broad range of beginner-intermediate concepts, including:

  • User empathy
  • Developing personas
  • Wireframes and prototyping
  • Web design
  • UX research and testing

Across the learning journey, there are several projects and quizzes to showcase new skills. By the time you earn your certification, you'll have a foundational portfolio and direction for jumpstarting your UX career.

For the low price, the career path that Google delivers is an exceptional deal. Students get help with improving their job search techniques, but Google goes a step further to help them start their careers. With their employer network, they give those who complete the course a unique advantage.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers the Advance Your Skills in UX Design course to refresh designers on the principles of UX. If you're looking to update your skill set, this short course helps you build your portfolio and learn the latest technology.

The certification course consists of nine hours of video stretched across seven courses. There is no one-on-one aspect.

Instead, instructors from across the design industry share their expertise in recorded sessions. Topics include mobile design and prototyping, design programs, and building a portfolio. It's a short course length, but it's jam-packed with useful tech tutorials and career advice.

If you're new to LinkedIn Learning, you get a free trial month. With the short course length, you can easily take advantage of the program's benefits without paying anything! Plus, you get to show off your certification for the LinkedIn community, giving you a profile boost for employers.

Top UX UI Conferences in 2022

For a seasoned UX UI professional, keeping up with industry trends is as critical as developing your skills. If you want to advance your career or enhance skills in a UX niche, conferences are an excellent place to do so.

At a UX conference, you have access to industry thought leaders and training experts. They offer evolving perspectives to take to your design.

Many conferences provide certifications, but the benefit for your career goes beyond the knowledge you gain. The real value is the network of like-minded individuals who can support you in your journey.


Confab conferences invite strategists, marketers, designers, and managers from all sectors. Hosted by Brain Traffic, the event unites professionals over a shared love of improving content.

Confab 2022 is taking place live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 9-12. The past two years of Confab were online, with keynote speakers running recorded sessions. While the in-person event is on this year, there's no word on whether they're doing a virtual option for 2022.

Whether live or virtual, expect a full range of topics, from research and analytics to UX writing and team leadership. It's an often offbeat educational experience balanced with plenty of activities to mingle and let loose.


If you prefer the New Orleans culture, the CHI2022 conference could be the perfect UX event for you. The Big Easy will be hosting the conference from April 30-May 6.

There's not much clarity on it yet, but CHI2022 will be a blended event. Some sessions will be in-person and others online. Regardless of how you attend, organizers assure an equally valuable experience.

CHI conferences bring people from diverse backgrounds who all have a love of interactive technologies. The conference stands on values of equity and accessibility. Hundreds of volunteer organizers collaborate to honor their slogan of "no second-class experiences."

UX360 Research Summit

The UX360 Research Summit 2022 is hosted by the Merlien Institute. The B2B organizer works to advance innovation for marketers, and UX360 falls right in line with that mission.

It's the first year of the UX360 summit, but the impressive list of speakers is a good sign for attendees. Presentations will feature leaders from global brands including Amazon, Google, and Dropbox.

The conference gives attendees a glimpse into the latest UX developments. From planning to implementation and measurement, speakers offer new knowledge on today's processes.

The conference runs from February 8-9, and early-bird discounts are already available. Although it's 100% online, attendees will have several presentations, panels, and 1-2-1 meetings to deep dive into the present and future of UX.

UXPA International Conference

The UXPA International Conference is an in-person event in San Diego, California. The event, which runs June 21-23, is held in two parts. The first day consists of UX courses followed by presentations and panel discussions.

The User Experience Professional Association hosts the event for UX professionals of all skill levels. Whether you're brand new or a long-time expert, organizers promise a worthwhile event.

Design at Scale

Rosenfeld Media is a premier corporate training organization and host of many annual UX conferences. The details are lax on Design at Scale 2022, but it appears to be a hybrid event taking place June 8-10.

Design at Scale focuses on design leadership and craft for large organizations. Designers have a lot to juggle in a dynamic business environment that supports millions of stakeholders. Through speaker sessions and workshops, attendees learn how to apply design principles at scale.

The conference covers everything from design philosophies to building toolkits. UX professionals need to stay on top of their game in high-stakes enterprise designs. At Design at Scale, developers from all organizational levels can find ways to sharpen their skills and perspectives.

Advancing Research

Advancing Research 2022 is another Rosenfeld production. The hybrid event is scheduled for March 9-11, with recorded sessions available for one month after the event.

The event is in its third year of bringing together UX researchers to offer the latest experiences and opportunities. For both in-person and remote attendees, the conference promises an engaging and motivating series.

For remote attendees, the presentations aren't the only engaging aspect. There's still an opportunity to connect and improve the learning experience in virtual workspaces.

Add UX Development to Your Calendar

It's an excellent time to get into UX. The advancement opportunities will only continue to get better, and there's a harder push to add more experts to the field. With these UX UI courses, you'll gain the knowledge and credentials to kickstart a lucrative and satisfying career path.

Our mission at Teccelerator is to equip enthusiastic designers with the tools they need to push the limits of their careers. We provide courses, workshops, and bootcamps to help designers enter the UX field and pursue their goals with confidence. Contact us today to learn how you can leverage our learning programs and peer network to realize your UX dreams.


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